Growing up with spiritual parents has taught me that receiving all the love and wisdom in the world is a beautiful thing, but it won’t help you, until you learn to love and treasure every part of yourself.

This self-understanding was a long time coming—I have struggled with my biggest fear, which has always been living someone else’s dharma, life, or dream while being too afraid to go after my own. I don’t proclaim to be an expert or guru; I would like to share my life with anyone who is interested so that hopefully you will feel comfortable sharing your authentic self with others as well.

Co-authored with my dad, Dr. Wayne Dyer, I have written a book about growing up in a spiritual environment and what I have learned about self-worth and following my dharma.

My main passion is connecting and sharing with others in a meaningful way to promote conversation and maintain authentic self-expression. I like sharing a real and vulnerable side of myself while working to encourage others to accept that side of themselves as well. I also enjoy cooking, reading, entertaining and having dinner parties. I live in South Florida with my fiancé. Our favorite hobby is traveling together. My non-profit, Stop Child Trafficking, is working to eradicate child trafficking through education and advocacy.


July 15, 2014

Chapter One: When We Became Husband and Wife

Serena and Matt PisoniWell, not even sure where to begin! I think Matt and I are a little in shock that it’s already over and our guests have departed Maui!

We truly had the best week of our lives. Every single one of you that came out to Maui or raised a glass with us from a far has impacted our lives and we are so grateful to have you as friends. And for those of you who DID make the trip out- saying thank you pales in comparison with what you did for us.

You made this week unforgettable and you solidified friendships with us that were already strong. We really do have the greatest friends in the world and this last week proved it. After a 100 person BBQ, Happy Hour, Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding, Sunset Booze Cruise and 4th of July BBQ, I think it’s safe to say that merriment and shenanigans were had by all.

Now time to enjoy my HUSBAND (so weird to say that) on our honeymoon! 

I leave you with this wedding video…

Maui Wedding / Serena & Matt / HI FOCUSED Cinematography from HI FOCUSED on Vimeo.

July 14, 2014

Who Are You…Really?

serena-dyerMy whole life I have heard people talk about the word ego. I was raised knowing what the ego was and that I had one—and that mine was big. As I grew up I learned to differentiate the work of the ego from the work of my highest self. I knew which one made me feel the best. Growing up, I had a huge desire to be right. (I’ll be honest—I still do.) Not only that, if I was wrong and knew I was wrong, I was rarely nice about it. If someone bruised my ego, I would sometimes try to make them feel bad. I’d attempt to manipulate the conversation or debate so that I could come out on top. Knowing this about myself, I now try to admit right away when I am wrong, and to do so in a genuinely kind way. It ain’t always easy!

One of my less enlightened habits is replaying conversations over and over in my mind, because my ego can’t get over the fact that I was wrong. (more…)

June 27, 2014

Love, Honor, and Acceptance

Love Honor Acceptance

When I was young, someone asked me if my parents were Republicans or Democrats, so I went home and asked them. My mom said she was a “breast-feeder” and didn’t have time for anything else. Dad’s response was a perfect example of what it means to be unattached (in retrospect, Mom’s was, too—ha!). He said that he was neither. He didn’t want to be labeled as one or the other because he didn’t want to have to defend the party position or vote for whoever was running for that party. Instead, he said that he would cast his vote based upon who was running and with whom he generally agreed.

A mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing operates just like that; it isn’t blindly stuck on labels or positions for their own sake.

Whatever beliefs I developed, whichever political party I sided with, whomever I chose to date or marry—none of that concerned my parents. My life was always completely up to me. As long as my siblings and I were safe, happy, and healthy, they encouraged us to develop our own personalities, opinions, and desires.